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NDIS supports independent living Perth

The NDIS will account for a wide range of services, and every single person will obtain a diverse amount and type of services. A general rule is that the NDIS will fund support services that enable people with disabilities to reach their full potential like other people. Living somewhere, having a job, having hobbies, and spending time with friends and family are all important aspects.

Flexible funding and adapting to each individual’s needs are key features of the NDIS funding system. To achieve their goals, NDIS members can choose the support they need.

In this blog, let us learn more about how NDIS supports independent living Perth.

Common NDIS Services

Meal services

Using your NDIS funding, you can get help preparing meals and cooking. A care worker can assist you with grocery shopping and ensure that your pantry is always stocked if you need help with it. Furthermore, they can teach you how to cook in addition to preparing meals for you.

Maintaining the house

Everyone finds it challenging to change lightbulbs. Household maintenance services can include any safety or mobility devices. Depending on your needs and your NDIS plan goals; you may also be able to make more home changes.


The NDIS provides funding for transportation. If you want to use public transport alone, a support worker can show you how and accompany you initially. It is also possible to receive funding for taxis and other forms of transportation.


Supporting school-level education, tutoring, and further education is a large part of the NDIS mission. Tuition fees and materials are not included in the support, particularly for higher education. However, it pays a support worker to assist with transportation, class presence, and studying.

NDIS-supported independent living in Perth is offered by Perth Disability Services so that you will not face any issues while living alone. 

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