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As we all know, navigating an NDIS plan can be very difficult for many people. This is why Perth Disability Services offer NDIS support coordination in Perth. They work along with participants to tailor NDIS help to your needs. The support coordinator has to manage your NDIS plan and help you work towards your aims. Let us dive and find out more in this blog.

What is meant by NDIS support coordination?

It is mainly a capacity-building help. It aims to help participants in having help services.

  • Aids members know their NDIS plan and use it to support their aim
  • Link members with NDIS support providers and other help sources. It includes local community and regime help
  • Make members skilled and develop faith in using the NDIS support system

How Does NDIS Specialist Support Coordination Work?

Support connection aids participants in growing skills needed to link with care so they can quickly achieve their dreams.

The high level of support is Support coordination. This will help participants know and utilise their NDIS plan. Various supports will be available to participants through their work with them.

The highest level of coordination in support is specialist support coordination. The program is available to parties who face tricky barriers to accessing and maintaining their entitlement to support.

Providing constant support is the duty of a specialist support coordinator. Furthermore, they assist participants with managing their support environment’s challenges.

Is my application eligible?

There are specific criteria you must meet to qualify for Support Coordination through the NDIS: 

  • A person between the ages of 7 and 65
  • Currently living in Australia, an Australian citizen, a permanent visa holder, or a protected unique category visa holder.
  • A disability person that requires support from someone
  • Currently in need have help to build capacity.

An Access Request Form or Verbal Access Request must be completed to apply for the NDIS. You must also submit an Evidence of Psychosocial Disability form completed by a qualified expert. 


This blog gives all the details about NDIS support coordination in Perth. If you are a disabled person and looking for the best help provider, get in touch with Perth Disability Services now to get rid of any worries.

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